UST Piping Equipment Upgrade Project for Marblehead Trading Company

UST Piping Equipment Upgrade Project for Marblehead Trading Company

CommTank served as the contractor team hired to perform Third Party Inspection services on two 4,000-gallon Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) at the site of the Marblehead Trading Company boatyard property in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

The job of Third Party Inspection contractors is to look at equipment systems to ensure everything is up to code.  Construction code requirements and safety factors that the state approved third party inspector observed at the time of the inspection included:

  • Tested sump piping sensors did not activate the Omntec leak detection alarm inside the building.
  • Two sensors in the tank interstitial space could not be accessed due to the lack of sump basins.
  • The existing leak detection Omntec LU-2 construction design supported a single underground storage tank, and was incorrectly configured to support two tanks.

Construction Update of our Clients’ Underground Leak Detection System

The project work that the inspector recommended to correct the underground tank leak detection system included replacing the existing Omntec unit with an Omntec LU-4 (capable of handling 4 sensors and 2 underground tanks). He also recommended installation of two new containment sumps, which would be accessed by manway covers, and new double-wall piping that terminated in each sump with sensors. More recommended options included replacing all fittings on the interstitial space ports with quick connect fittings for ease of access to test the sensors. Technically, the process of adding a second pump is not required by Massachusetts tank regulations.  However, it is good practice to place threaded transitions (in this case from nylon to steel) in a containment sump. This is because if the soil shifts and the threaded coupling becomes loose, fuel will be contained, and the leak will be detected.

The Marblehead Trading Company management approved the recommendations and contracted with CommTank to begin the upgrades. To prepare the tanks for the new containment sumps, the area CommTank team saw cut and broke up the asphalt around the underground tank tops. Our people have vast experience with this type of work, including disconnection and removal of the exiting fiberglass piping that connected to steel single-wall pipe below the surface. 

The new containment sumps were installed on the tank top with gaskets and the new double wall nylon supply lines were connected through each sump with entry boots. After backfilling each tank top, new concrete was poured. A new Omntec LU-4 was installed in the boat yard’s office and the 4 new sensors were tested to ensure a potential leak would be flagged with an audible and visual alarm.

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