Meredith Marina Fuel Line Replacement

Meredith Marina Fuel Line Replacement

CommTank provided a fuel line replacement service at the Meredith Marina in Meredith, NH. The NHDES had inspected the marina and listed repairs that were needed to stay in compliance. In order to get approval to operate the dock and shore dispensers, a successful pressure and hydrostatic test were needed to provide proof they were liquid tight.

Engineering and Permits

  • Provided the services of a licensed professional engineer (PE) to design the new system and oversee the installation
  • Submitted the installation plans to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES)
  • Provided Dig Sage utility clearance of property (identify underground utilities)

Technician tightens sump boot for new fuel line

Fuel Line Replacement

  • Prepared a confined space entry permit and a site-specific health and safety plan
  • Removed  a section  of approximately 100 feet of the dock wood boards
  • Disconnected, drained, and removed existing gasoline supply
  • Provided and installed 105 feet of 1.5-inch double wall XP™  pipe inside marine-grade APT XP metal duct
  • Replaced four (4) one inch and five (5) 1.5-inch rubber entry boots with APT rigid entry boots of two (2) of the existing sumps
  • Hydrostatically tested two (2) existing sumps
  • Pressure tested the primary and secondary containment of the new and existing pipes
  • Arranged inspection with New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
  • Reinstalled previously removed wood boards

New Franklin pressure XP lines connected to existing fuel lines

Leak Detection System Installation (Original Veeder Root™ ILS-350 is not operational)

  • Provided and Installed a refurbished Veeder Root™ TLS-350
    Provided and installed two (2) sensor interface modules
  • Secured all existing sump sensors
  • Program test, and certify the system
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