Plimoth Plantation 2,000-gallon Aboveground Tank Installation

The Plimoth Plantation project was an all-in-one tank installation and removal job that took place at the Henry Hornblower II Visitor Center. We had to remove an existing 5,000-gallon underground storage tank that provided fuel to the boiler and a backup generator and replace it with a 2,000-gallon vertical aboveground storage tank. There were also 2 new day tanks, an automatic tank gauge, and all new piping required for the installation. Working at the site of a 17th century village and museum was both fun and challenging.

Before starting the project, we created a CAD drawing showing the proposed layout between the tank, the generator room, and the boiler room, and submitted that with a permit to the fire department. A new 12' tall by 64" diameter aboveground double-wall tank was installed in a loading bay with bollards to protect the tank from truck traffic. To accommodate oil deliveries, a remote locking fill port was positioned to provide easy access. All new supply, return, and vent piping was installed in addition to a Veeder-Root automatic tank gauging and leak detection system. The distance between the tank, genset and boiler was approximately 150-feet which created some backpressure for the pump set. To minimize torque on the steel pipes a vibration loop was installed. An existing day tank was upgraded to a 25-gallon ASDT Pryco and a second day tank was installed so that the boiler and generator would have separate sources of auxiliary fuel. All of this work took place during normal business hours and did not effect the operation of the visitor center.