Temple Emmanual Oil Spill Cleanup

In December of 2007, 750 gallons of oil broke through an old tank in the basement of Temple Emmanuel on Chestnut Street in Wakefield, MA and seeped into the porous concrete and soil below. After collecting about 20 gallons of oil after the spill, CommTank conducted a two-day environmental drilling event in order to locate the rest of the leaked oil. 

Most of the contamination was found in the basement on the left side of the temple. A conveyor belt was needed to remove the contaminated soil, hand dug by three crew members, from a 15-foot wide and five-foot deep hole. Fifty tons of soil was removed from the site and transported to a facility in Louden, N.H to be recycled. 

CommTank drilled down into the bedrock, between 20-30 feet, to see if the oil moved there. When oil was found in the bedrock, it was removed and the rest was treated with a peroxide, at a grade 10 times stronger than the normal variety, that breaks the hydrogen bond, changes the structure and essentially turns the oil into water. Ground and air monitoring was conducted and indicated there was no danger to area residents. CommTank installed 2 new 300-gallon Roth tanks to replace the old steel tanks that had leaked. The temple was again habitable by February 2009 for services and events.