Tirrell Seafood & Shellfish - Diesel Fuel Polishing

On February 12, 2010, CommTank arrived at the South Boston Fish Pier to pump out approximately 2,000-gallons of No 2. fuel oil taken from a boat docked at the pier. The owner of the fishing vessel was experiencing difficulty with the fuel in his tank and wanted to have the questionable fuel pumped out.

CommTank was hired by Alliance Express to pump out the boat fuel, clean the boat’s storage tank, and deliver the fuel to their facility in Everett, Ma. The No. 2 fuel oil that we transferred was cloudy pink in color. One sample of the oil was poured into a 1-liter glass amber jar and tested in the facilities burner to test the flammability of the oil. Following confirmation that the oil was able to burn, the oil was passed through a 5-micron fiber and cellulose filter. New samples of the filtered oil were collected along with an unfiltered sample that was allowed to settle and sent to a lab for analysis. Test results showed that the fuel was actually Biodiesel and not No. 2 Fuel. This provided the answer to why it was difficult to burn in a diesel boat engine.