Fenway Park Day Tank Upgrade

CommTank was hired to remove the existing 300-gallon aboveground tank and install a Pryco 300-gallon double wall Aboveground Storage Day Tank (ASDT) at Fenway Park.

The day tank provides fuel to the backup generator on site. Before our project manager started the project he performed an inspection of the area around the existing tank to ensure the new installation would meet state and city safety codes. He also brought installation plans and cut sheets for the tank equipment to the Boston Fire Department for approval. On the day of the work, CommTank technicians transferred reusable fuel from the diesel fuel storage tank to a holding tank on site. The crew removed the tank sludge, disconnected the fill and vent pipe, and cut the tank in half using a steel nibbler. After cleaning the inside of the diesel storage tank, they transported the tank and piping to a licensed tank yard.

The new Pryco double wall UL-142 Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) was installed by CommTank technicians in the same location as the original fuel tank. The crew installed a new vent line, oil controlled safety valve, fuel gauge, filter and piping in accordance with Massachusetts 526 CMR 4.03. A technician connected new fuel oil supply and return lines from the new AST to the existing lines on the ground level. With the piping complete the crew pumped the fuel oil from the holding tank into the new AST.