MIT Central Utility Plant - Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning

The MIT Cogeneration Project puts technology to work for conservation by cutting costs and reducing pollution as MIT generates much of its own power. The dual fuel system at this facility runs on gas or diesel and can be switched during periods of peak demand to get a better rate from the utility companies. CommTank provided tank cleaning, fuel polishing, and a third party inspection for three 30,000-gallon undergrounds tanks at the Central Utility Plant.

The project required confined space entry through the manways on top of the underground storage tanks. CommTank transferred fuel from the tank to be cleaned to a tank that was online. Each tank had the sludge removed using a vactor truck and the walls were cleaned manually. Fuel that was pumped back to the tank was polished using a mobile particulate filtration system capable of removing particulates down to one micron. Samples of the diesel fuel were taken before and after the fuel polishing to confirm the target filtration was met. A third party inspection of the underground tank monitoring systems was performed on each tank after the fuel was returned to the tanks and they were brought online.