Bose Corporation Generator Base Tank

CommTank was contracted by Kraft Power Corp. to replace a sub base tank for Bose Corp. that had started leaking while under warranty. An inspection of the sub base tank showed that the tank had a faulty welded seam.

The job entailed transferring the diesel fuel in the sub base tank to a temporary holding tank on site. A crane was used to lift the diesel generator and sub base tank from its enclosure. A new base tank was brought to the site and set in place inside the original enclosure using the crane. The generator was lowered on to the new sub base tank and connected to the existing fuel and supply lines of the primary storage tank indoors. The diesel fuel in the holding tank was transferred back into the new sub base tank and the system was operationally tested. The leaking 785-gallon base tank was cut open and cleaned, then brought to a scrap yard for recycling.