National Heritage Museum Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing

The National Heritage Museum is located in Lexington, Massachusetts. The museum exhibits educational materials relating to both U.S. history and Freemason history and culture. CommTank provided a tank cleaning and fuel polishing service for the 15,000-gallon underground storage tank that supplies diesel fuel to the backup emergency generator. The generator supplies electricity to the museum in case power is lost. The museum called Commtank because the diesel generator’s filter was frequently clogging and causing it to shut down during weekly tests.

CommTank started the job by pumping out all fuel from the underground storage tank and storing it in our combination tank and box truck. Then we purged the flammable vapors from the tank and tested the air space with a 4-gas meter. A crewman entered the underground tank and removed sludge from the bottom using a hose from a vacuum truck, then manually cleaned the tank walls. We performed a visual inspection of the interior of the tank and upon completion reinstalled the manway and fuel lines. The fuel that we pumped back was first filtered and polished to a particulate level of one micron. The fuel polishing was accomplished by circulating the fuel at a rate of 30 GPM for 1 hour, which removed all water and particulates. All waste that was collected from the tank and fuel was then transported to a licensed recycling facility.