Anna Jaques Hospital Fuel Tank Rental

CommTank provided a temporary exterior 1,000-gallon diesel fuel aboveground storage tank (AST) with 110% secondary containment at the Anna Jaques Hospital. The job was part of a bid for expanding the Newburyport based hospital by adding a new wing. CommTank was awarded the job of installing a temporary tank rental to cover the hospital until a new fuel system could be installed.

The Anna Jaques Hospital originally powered three backup generators from one underground storage tank (UST) but they needed to remove the UST to make room for the building expansion. CommTank delivered the 1000-gallon temporary tank and installed it in the loading dock area. We then connected a 2-inch vent alarm and vent pipe, supply line to two day tanks inside the building, and overfill pipes from the day tanks to the temporary tank. CommTank also installed a fill port with spill containment. Once the Newbury Fire Department inspected the installation the tank was ready to receive an oil delivery, and the generators could be brought back on line.