Mediate Management Company Field Erected Tank

Mediate Management Company hired CommTank to perform ultrasonic thickness testing of a 4,000 gallon steel aboveground tank located at a condominium building in Boston. Based on the results it was recommended that the tank be replaced.  After soliciting other opinions and bids CommTank was asked to perform the tank replacement.

While taking measurements of the existing aboveground storage tank (AST), CommTank noticed an oil odor in the vault where the AST is located. After investigating further it became apparent that the AST had developed a pinhole leak along the bottom. CommTank recommended that the tank be taken out of service and work on replacing the tank began immediately. In order to provide a tank of similar capacity it was decided that a field-erected tank was the best solution because of access restrictions to the basement level of the building. The tenants could not be left without hot water so two temporary 275-gallon above ground storage tanks were installed within the basement. The existing tank was cut in 3 sections and removed through the rear of the building. The field-erected tank required a new concrete pad and secondary containment to meet code. CommTank built a 2,500-gallon single walled steel tank to store heating oil using 3/16-inch or 10-gauge steel. Upon completion of the project a UL field inspector evaluated the field-erected tank and determined the construction was in compliance with UL 142 methods.