Sprint Generator Upgrade and Field Welded Tank

CommTank was hired by Drill Construction to upgrade the existing fuel system that supplied the roof top generator at the Sprint facility in Boston, Ma.  This included the installation of a field-welded tank in the basement of the building.

The Sprint Boston project required plenty of planning, equipment, and site preparation. The existing system needed to be purged prior to the dismantling of the old tanks, piping, and fuel pumps. CommTank fabricated a fuel storage tank on site in the former tank room that included an access hatch, ladders and interstitial leak detectors. The next step was to mount the pump set and control panel on the wall above the tank. During the welding of the new tank the double-wall piping was also fabricated in sections so that it could be hoisted to the roof using a crane. With the new system connected to the tank and the generator the new piping was pressure tested to 150 psig and the field welded tank inner and outer walls were tested to 5 psig.