Fidelity Investments Fuel Filtration & Polishing

CommTank provided fuel filtration services for three (3) 3,200-gallon aboveground storage sub-base tanks (ASTs), two (2) 15,000-gallon underground storage tanks (USTs) and five (5) 100-gallon aboveground day storage tanks (ASDTs) at Fidelity Investments in Merrimack, NH.

In-Service Fuel Filtration & Polishing

  • Evaluate fuel condition collecting samples from either top, middle, and/or bottom of tank
  • Sample tank bottom for separate water phase
  • Filter approximately 32,150-gallons of fuel between all tanks total with mobile particulate filtration system, capable of removing particulate to a level of one to five microns
  • Polish circulating fuel at a rate of 60-100 gallons per minute
  • Circulate approximately three times the volume of the fuel that is present in each tank
  • During polishing process, remove all moisture/water content in fuel
  • Upon completion, collect confirmatory fuel samples and screen sample following the ASTM D4176 Standard
  • Place generated waste into properly labeled steel 17H drums • Transport and dispose profiled waste at a licensed recycling facility
  • Provide a written report documenting before and after results based on ASTM D4176 Standard
  • Add microbial and stabilizer treatments to the ten (10) tanks