Weston Police Department Tank and Diesel Pump Lease

CommTank was awarded a bid to replace an existing under ground storage tank with a 5,000-gallon above ground tank that CommTank would be leasing to the town. Concurrent to the tank installation an existing Gasboy fleet management system had to be disconnected from a filling island on site and moved to the new tank pad.

We were required to file all plans and permits for the work and get approval from the Town of Weston Fire Department. There was also some coordination needed with the owners of the existing system before switching over. Additionally electrical permits were required to connect the pump system and to install some new overhead lighting for the dispenser. CommTank excavated the existing conduit for the fuel system and re-worked the feeds to the new tank and pump. After moving the existing Gasboy FMU it was connected to the tank pumping system. All whistle vents, gauges, and safety items were checked to ensure they operated to code. The town leased the diesel fuel dispensing station and 5000-gallon aboveground tank from August 2009 to August 2011 (2-years).