Town of Groton DPW Gas and Diesel Fuel Dispensers

The town wanted to replace an existing single-wall tank with two double-wall aboveground storage tanks to provide gasoline and diesel fuel for the DPW vehicles. Because of budget restrictions they preferred to do as much of the installation themselves. Since they didn't have a licensed installer on staff they needed someone to partner with them on the project.

CommTank came up with a solution that would allow them to keep the cost down. We provided two crewmembers that would work with the DPW staff to complete the installation. After the DPW staff installed the concrete pad and bollards, CommTank's crew installed the submersible pumps into the 6000-gallon Fireguard aboveground storage tanks with the assistance of the town's boom truck. CommTank then installed the new Dresser Wayne dispenser and piping to connect the pumps to the dispenser. Two remote fill boxes were also installed and piped to each tank so that the fueling supply truck could be at ground level when filling the tanks. The electrical work consisted of installing wiring, in existing conduit and panels for the two submersible product pumps (one in each AST), the dispenser pump, the existing card reader, Veeder Root TLS250 tank monitoring equipment and system power. CommTank then submitted the warranty validation cards to the Steel Tank Institute on behalf of the town.