Town of Weston Gas Tank Removal

CommTank was contracted by the Town of Weston to disconnect, clean and remove an 8,000-gallon above ground storage tank at the Weston Middle School.

The Town of Weston had been using the gasoline tank to fuel school buses at the Weston Middle School but decided to move all fueling operations to the Department of Public Works (DPW). CommTank was asked to remove the gasoline storage tank from the property and refurbish the tank for another property. We accessed the gasoline tank through a man-way opened by a town employee. The tank was drained and a 4-gas meter was used to measure oxygen level inside the tank. An OSHA certified CommTank technician entered and cleaned the inner tank. The tank was then lifted by two boom trucks and placed on a flat bed trailer for transportation. A single crane was not used because of swing space and access restrictions.