IBM 2,500-gallon Generator Supply Tank Removal

On June 9th 2015 CommTank removed a 2,500-gallon aboveground tank as part of a tank replacement project for IBM. The tank supplied fuel for two backup generators and a diesel firefighting pump.

Fuel from the tank was transferred to three temporary 400-gallon Roth tanks located near each load. Piping for each tank was provided to the generators and fire pump. Each temporary tank had to be primed and tested before taking the 2,500-gallon tank offline.  A confined space entry permit and a site-specific health and safety plan was prepared by the project manager and supplied to IBM.

An aboveground tank removal permit (FP-292) was pulled with the Town of Littleton and CommTank crews entered and cleaned the 2,500-gallon tank. The fill and vent piping was drained and disconnected. The 2,500-gallon AST including steel containment and associated piping was removed and transported to a licensed tank disposal facility.