Horizon Beverage Tank Testing

Horizon Beverage, the largest liquor distributor in New England, hired CommTank to test two underground tanks as part of a sale of one of their warehouses. The underground tanks were connected to dispensers that supplied gas and diesel fuel to their truck fleet. 

The two underground storage tanks were pressurized to 1.5-pounds per square inch (PSI) of negative pressure during the tank test. The system did not hold pressure and we determined that the tank lines were compromised. We identified the pressure release was a result of damage to the vent pipes that were located in the parking lot. CommTank excavated the base of the tank's vent pipes and replaced the joints. We then re-tested the underground storage tanks after the vent pipe repairs and we were able to certify that the tanks were sound. The propane tank passed the ultrasound thickness test and we recommended a recoating of the tank to protect it from further corrosion.