Howe School Steam Boiler Removal

Zadok Howe(1777-1851) was a prominent local physician in Billerica, Ma. He donated funds to build the Howe School on Boston Post Road as an academy of higher learning. It has recently been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. As part of a renovation project for the building, CommTank was hired to remove the original steam boiler and three 275-gallon heating oil tanks.

CommTank crews dismantled the steam boiler by cutting it into sections and then transported the cast iron to a licensed scrap yard for disposal. The brick base and the 2” iron piping were also removed. The crew cut open the three heating oil tanks and removed all contents that could be pumped. They cleaned the inside of the oil tanks and removed the fill and vent piping. After taking out the tanks the crews noticed oil stains on the floor where the oil tanks had been and notified the town. A limited subsurface investigation was authorized and 4 soil borings were advanced under the basement floor. Two soil samples were collected and sent to a lab for an EPH analysis. No evidence of petroleum contamination was found so the floor was cleaned and the drilling locations were patched with cement.