Public Service of NH (PSNH) Tank Cleaning and Testing

Merrimack Station is PSNH's largest power plant, operating 24/7 to meet customer's electricity needs. CommTank was hired by COT-Puritech to clean and test two 8000-gallon aboveground storage tanks at the PSNH Merrimack Station Facility and inspect the tanks to ensure they met the American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM) standards.

CommTank prepared a confined space entry permit and health and safety plan before starting this job. A 1000-gallon holding tank was used to pump out No. 2 fuel oil from each aboveground storage tank. Flammable gases were purged and the crews entered the AST to remove the tank bottom sludge. After the tank cleaning was complete a visual inspection was done of the tank's interior. An ultrasonic thickness test was performed on the tank walls and bottom in addition to inspections of the tank foundation, anchor bolts, and leak detection equipment. CommTank provided a written outcome report summarizing the inspection results and corrosion rates of the tank and piping.