Umass Dartmouth Tank Painting and Relocation

CommTank was enlisted by UMass Dartmouth to replace the underground 20,000-gallon #6 fuel oil storage tank for it's steam plant with two 40,000-gallon above ground tanks. The work involved the dismantling and removal of the old tank as well as inspections, component upgrades, and painting of the tanks to be installed.

The used oil tanks were salvaged from a university owned property in Taunton, MA, some 20 miles away, and then transported and installed by CommTank. Before the relocated tanks could be installed, the existing underground tank was removed, and the hillside was excavated and shored to prepare for the tank pad. Steel reinforced concrete walls were built along with footings to anchor the tanks in place. The replacement tanks were manufactured with 22,680-gallon metal dikes and a rain shield that provided %110 containment. Overfill protection, liquid level alarms, and anti-siphon devices were installed to meet CMR and NFPA codes. Overhead pipe hangers were installed to provide a safe route from the above ground tanks to the boiler room. The piping was double-wall and welded on site. After the Physical Engineer and the State Fire Marshall inspected the tank installation, the tanks were filled and brought on line.