New World Gas Station Installation

New World Gas Station Installation

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The CommTank team performed underground storage tank (UST) system and more property upgrades for the New World Gas Station in Merrimack, NH. People use this popular area gas station to access regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel fuel.  One more feature of this property is its convenience store.

UST System Upgrade Information

The underground storage tank (UST) system upgrade upgrade included providing and placing two new Containment Solutions fiberglass double-wall storage tanks (one dual compartment 10,000-gallon and one 14,000-gallon), new double-wall piping, and new containment sumps.  

CommTank is an ICC certified UST installer in New Hampshire. All equipment is installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. To prevent the intrusion of groundwater and surface waste water runoff, all piping, dispenser sumps, and conduit entries were installed with water-resistant gaskets and entry boots. The concrete mix used for the UST pad has a design strength of 4,000 PSI and utilizes #4 reinforcing steel installed at 12” on center. This prevents transmission of any truck loads from to the tanks or piping. All control joints in the dispensing pad were sealed to reduce exposure to spills.

Tank Systems Testing

Before the fuel tank system was put into service, the CommTank team performed tank testing on the installed tanks and submitted the results to NHDES per ENV-OR 407.08.  All tank sumps, spill containers, and dispensers were tested hydrostatically before the UST was backfilled. Line leak detectors were tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. The substantial amount of primary, secondary, and vent piping were also tested for a 24-hour period before being backfilled.

Installation of the gas station canopy using a boom truck

Gas Station Canopy Upgrade

The gas station tank canopy was also upgraded as one more aspect of this upgrade. The existing canopy footings were removed, new steel-reinforced footings were poured and electrical conduits were installed for the lighting and fire suppression. New underground drains were installed as required by NHDES. Fuel fire suppression was installed according to NFPA 17 and State codes. The fire suppression system was installed under the canopy at a height of 15’ above the driving mat along with fire suppression cylinders.

The fire suppression system included the following:

  • (12) Pyro-Chem ATD-80 Fire Suppression Cylinders 
  • (12) Cylinder Brackets 
  • (13) Cylinder Actuators 
  • (72) Nozzles 
  • Pull Station 
  • Electric Control Head w/ Solenoid Monitor 
  • (5) Heat Sensors 
  • Actuation Cylinder 
  • Pipe / Fittings

CommTank reprogrammed and certified the existing Veeder-Root ™ TLS 350 System, which measures liquid in the interstitial space (between the inner tank and outer containment). It also measures the amount of fuel or water (if any) inside the tanks. It will also trigger an alarm in case the tanks exceed their filling capacity. The system is able to detect any leaks that may develop in the underground fuel lines.

The new dispensers, island and canopy are installed and ready to use.

A photo of the completed gas station installation project.

After placing gasoline and diesel into the three compartments, satisfactory operation of the monitoring system was ensured before the system was placed into operation. Satisfactory operation of the secondary containment system, overfill prevention devices and line leak detectors were also tested.

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