Mobile Diesel Generator Tank Repair

Mobile Diesel Generator Tank Repair

CommTank provided a repair of a sub-base generator tank for the Town of Danvers in Massachusetts. The portable Generac generator had a leak in the belly tank. The customer dropped off the generator at CommTank’s facility in Wakefield for an inspection of the corrosion. Our inspection determined that a repair was the cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire unit. Sub-base tanks can be replaced on stationary generators but the manufacturer does not supply replacement tanks for towable diesel generators.

Steps to repair the mobile generator fuel tank:

  • Disconnect and remove existing generator housing
  • Disconnect and remove the generator from the top of the sub-base tank
  • Remove the top plate from the sub-base tank
  • Use absorptive pads to remove residual sludge/debris from tank interior
  • Hand-tool abrade tank interior to remove areas of heavy corrosion
  • Weld up to two 1’x1’ patch plates on tank interior where corrosion was heaviest
  • Puddle weld pits encountered on tank interior
  • Abrasive blast tank interior to SSPC-SP 10 profile
  • Apply fuel-compatible epoxy coating to tank interior floor and sidewalls
  • After the coating has cured, perform a holiday test to ensure the new coating is free from defects
  • Weld the top plate back onto the tank
  • Seal existing fittings on the tank
  • Tightness test the tank to ensure the success of weld repairs
  • Perform coating touch-up repair on the tank exterior
  • Re-install generator on top of the tank
  • Re-install generator housing

This video shows the repair process. 

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