Partial Tank Relining at Medical Center

Partial Tank Relining at Medical Center

CommTank provided a partial relining service of the interior of a 15,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) located at a Medical Center in Massachusetts. The UST measures 8 feet in diameter by 13.33 feet in length and supports the backup power generators for the building. All work was done in the daytime (starting at 8:00 AM and ending by 5:00 PM, each day), so as not to disturb the hospital patients.  The project was completed in 10 business days. The UST was placed back into service after the required curing (14 days) of the interior tank coating. To support the generator while the work was being done a 2,000-gallon temporary storage tank was placed outdoors and tied into the existing day tank piping. The temporary tank was initially filled, via hoses, from the fuel located in the UST. The remaining existing fuel in the 15,000-gallon UST was stored at CommTank, which was available for return to the site in the event it was needed to support the emergency generators.

UST Cleaning and Partial Interior Relining

CommTank crews prepared the UST surface for coating by abrasive blasting the floor and the lower four feet of the side walls to a white metal finish. The UST surface was cleaned to remove blast media and the epoxy primer coating and epoxy final coating system were applied to the floor and lower four feet. When the coating dried, the coating thickness was tested in accordance with SSPC-PA2 and PA9, and the interior coating integrity was verified with a Holiday meter.

Return of Fuel and Removal of Temporary Tanks

The fuel stored at CommTank’s facility was returned to the UST after it was filtered and polished. A generator maintenance company primed and tested the generator to ensure proper operation. CommTank technicians disconnected supply and return lines and reconnected the original piping before removing the temporary storage tank.

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