Pressure Vessel Rubber Lining Repair

Pressure Vessel Rubber Lining Repair

CommTank provided a pressure vessel repair service for a company that manufactures products used in food and confection, pharmaceutical, and imaging applications.

The manway of the leaking pressure vesselThe leaking pressure vessel prior to repairs being done.

The work was performed on the weekend to minimize impact to the production lines. The vertical process tanks are rubber lined to provide corrosion protection for hydrochloric acid storage and resin beads. This manufacturer asked us to spark test and perform the repair on premises. 

Welder is replacing the steel hatch on this pressure vesselTechnician is welding the new hatch in place. 

During testing CommTank crews found that the rubber around the access hatches was pulling away from the tank wall. To perform the repair the crew removed the existing rubber around the top manway and sanded the steel down to white metal. The side hatches were corroded due to the exposure to hydrochloric acid so they had to be replaced.

Rubber liner has been repaired with new material around the hatchA closeup of the transition from original rubber line to the replaced section.

Strips of rubber were cut to match the area around the hatch and overlap the existing rubber on the sides of the tank. The rubber was glued in place and cured using infrared lamps connected to the interior and exterior of the tanks.  At the end of the curing period, we spark tested the repaired surfaces and verified the tanks could be returned to service.  

Curing the rubber liner repair with infrared heat lampsHeat lamps placed in the top manway provide the proper curing temperature.

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