Steel Tank Fabrication at Boston University

Steel Tank Fabrication at Boston University

CommTank fabricated a steel single wall 3,000 gallon UL-142 Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) on-site at Boston University’s biomedical research center for use by the power generators at the 9th-floor roof of the building. The generator fuel supply system was installed previously upon building construction. The original single-wall steel AST was 4,000 gallons. The fuel storage tank was pumped out, cleaned out, dismantled, and removed from the site. Temporary tanks were installed.

Secondary Tank Containment

CommTank coated the containment room floor with polyurea and up to 18” H on the walls, creating an impermeable containment for diesel fuels. This containment will hold a volume of up to 4,236 gallons which is more than the required 110% volume of the largest tank in the room.

Leak Detection System

The tank monitoring system, overfill alarm, and containment room leak alarm were all pre-existing. The tank monitoring/leak detection system was saved and installed and recalibrated into the new fabricated tank. The new fabricated tank sits in saddles on the floor of the tank storage room on the basement floor near the loading dock. The original fill, vent, fuel oil supply, and fuel oil return lines were fitted up to the new tank.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery below shows our crew dismantling the existing 4,000-gallon tank and fabricating the new 3,000-gallon fuel storage tank.

At the request of Jason Bemiller of CommTank, an Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Field Evaluation project was initiated for UL-142 approval. Federal OSHA and many local jurisdictional regulations require products to be Listed or Evaluated by a recognized testing organization. Field Evaluations are one means to assure that custom or otherwise non-certified products meet applicable product safety standards, Codes, Safety Orders, or other industry standards. The tank materials, material thickness, joint types, pipe connection openings, vent openings, manhole, tank dimensions and saddle supports requirements were found to comply with the applicable parts of the referenced standard. The product markings were inspected to ensure all applicable information was provided. Required markings were verified as being present, in the proper location, and provided in the correct format.

Based on the inspection, testing, and evaluation completed, UL considers the product to be suitable for application of the Field Evaluation Product Mark and for use in accordance with any conditions of acceptability stated in this report.

Unmodified Storage Tank Equipment 

The following items were not altered during this AST installation project:

  • existing double wall FOR/FOS lines from the tank room to the generator set day tanks at the roof
  • existing day tanks inside the generator set enclosures
  • existing generator shut-offs at the roof entrance and generator set enclosures
  • leak alarms from the main tank room and day tanks currently feed into the fire alarm panel
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