Cape Cod Chips Welded Tank Repair

Cape Cod Potato Chips called CommTank for our tank cleaning and testing service. After cleaning the 45,000-gallon underground steel tank we discovered that holes were visible on the tank bottom and the metal below the tank diffusers was thinning due to abrasion.

The underground tank had been filled with water used to clean potatoes and the customer could not afford to have the tank out of service for long. When the thinning metal on the tank floor was discovered CommTank provided a quick turnaround on multiple solutions to repair the 30-year-old tank. The customer chose to have us weld new steel plates on the tank bottom and we performed the work on an emergency basis that extended through the weekend. Quarter inch thick plates were welded over the old plates and 75% of the tank bottom (48’ x 12’ area) was repaired with new steel. Please check out the project photos to see how it was accomplished. 

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