Sun Life Financial Tank Inspection

Sun Life Financial Tank Inspection

CommTank conducted a tank and fuel inspection of one 4,000-gallon and three 330-gallon aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) at the Sun Life Financials facility in Wellesley Hills, MA.

Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection STI SP001


  • Reviewed previous inspection reports
  • Performed overall visual appearance inspection
  • Inspected for localized defects
  • Performed a walk around inspection to identify damage to the tanks
  • Inspected piping, connections and fittings
  • Verified the Omntec leak detection equipment was operating properly
  • Performed an ultrasonic thickness test using GE Panametrics Model 37DPIUS Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

CommTank provided a written Outcome Report that included the following information:

  • A written summary and recommendation based on the inspection results
  • The recommended date for the next inspection, based on the
  • deterioration rate calculated
  • Photos of interior and exterior of tank

Fuel Storage Tanks for Backup Generator System

Fuel Inspections

CommTank technicians conducted a fuel inspection in accordance with ASTM 04176-04(2W9). Two test methods were used to estimate the presence of suspended free water and solid particulate contamination in the diesel tanks.

  • Placed approximately 900 ML of fuel into a clean glass -I-L jar.
  • Examined fuel for clarity (placed a standard bar chart behind the sample and compared its visual appearance with the standard haze rating photos).
  • Swirled sample and examined for visual sediment or water droplets below the vortex.
  • Provided inspection report.

The individual sample qualities were reported as follows:

  • Clear and Bright - Pass
  • Free Water - Pass (absent)
  • Particulates - Pass (absent)

The report included the numerical rating of the sample and a noted whether particles or water droplets were found in the bottom of the sample container.

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