Westover Air Force Base

Westover Air Force Base

This job originally consisted of removing a 1000-gallon UST and installing a 275-gallon AST. It was expanded to include 15 buildings with upgrades to many tanks to bring them up to code.

CommTank crews lodged in the Springfield area while working on this job to maximize the time on the job site. All work on the tanks was completed in a week.

Emergency Generator Building (7707)

  • Removed and properly disposed of remaining pumpable fuel from existing tank
  • Removed and disposed of a 50-gallon day tank and associated pipes
  • Furnished and installed a new 50-gallon Pryco ™ day tank (Including 1.5” NPT for fuel level gauge, 3/8” NPT fuel inlet pump, (2) 1.5” x1” engine supply & return w/ pipe stem, 1” NPT overflow, 2” NPT vent opening, 3/8” NPT tank drain, 6.5” x 6.5” inspection plate, pump & alarm sensors, control panel, removable cover, lift lugs, NPT for optional leak switch, 2” NPT secondary vent opening, 1.25” double wall inspection fitting and 3/8” double wall drain
  • Ran new double wall supply and return lines to the generator
  • Installed new vent pipe (incl. vent alarm), and fill pipe to the outside.
  • Installed new fuel filter, anti-siphon valves, and shut-off valve, and Fire-o-Matic™ valve

Deluge Pump House Building (7701)

  • Installed concrete spill berms on all doorways (one door 40” in width, three doors 8’5” in width, one door 6’ in width).
  • Installed spill berms around five 12” diameter floor drains.

This work included a vent alarm, which acts as a spill/overflow prevention device. We also installed a stainless steel overfill spill containment. This was mounted on the wall at each fill port.

Trench is backfilled and pavement restored

Fuel piping trench is backfilled and pavement restored

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