Umass Medical Lifeline Helicopter

Umass Medical Lifeline Helicopter

This project was important to us because we earned the trust of a hospital that provides emergency services. CommTank relocated the fuel system and tested the fuel storage tank used by the helicopters.

CommTank replaced components of the fueling system, relocated the filtration system so that it was closer to the helipad, painted the piping and cabinets. Then we inspected the above-ground fuel storage tank and provided a report on the integrity of the tank as part of an annual inspection program.

AVGas storage tank with floor coating

Abrasive Blasting and Coating (Out of Service AST) 

  • Prepare confined space entry permit and Health & Safety Plan
  • Remove manway
  • Follow OSHA guidelines and enter the tank
  • Abrasive blast the bottom and lower half of the interior sidewalls of the tank to SSPC-SP5 “white metal” finish
  • Place discarded debris in 55-gallon drums for proper disposal
  • Remove all refinery dust by hand cleaning with rags
  • Apply two (2) coats of Epoxy Coating @ 5.0 – 8.0 mils DFT per coat to the tank interior
  • Perform Holiday meter test upon completion and curing of the final coating
  • Perform demobilization and removal of dust containment and site clean up
  • Perform final inspection restoration outcome report with photographs of the work
  • Reinstall manway                                       

Lifeflight AST with new floor coating

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