FedEx Express Ship Center Oil Water Separator Relining

FedEx Express Ship Center Oil Water Separator Relining

FedEx brought in CommTank for a second opinion when an engineering firm inspected the 1,000-gallon collection tank that was the first section of an oil water separator system and found it to be faulty. The engineering firm proposed condemning the underground tank and removing it from the property. CommTank performed a nondestructive test (NDT) on the metal walls of the tank and found that the tank could be reused if a 12-inch section of the tank bottom was patched and the entire tank was relined.

FedEX agreed to use CommTank to perform the repair work at this facility located in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Before lining the existing tank we had to remove the manway cover and retrofit a new one. Then we entered and cleaned the vaulted tank, sandblasted the interior to white metal, welded in a new section of steel, and coated the interior with Chemthane 4000 standard primer. Once the primer was set, we then applied 2 coats of Chemliner 4000 novolac epoxy lining to provide a 30-mil coating that would extend the tank's life by approximately 20-years. CommTank also replaced the existing monitoring system with an Omntec Leak Detection System that included a high level sensor, overfill sensor, visible and audible alarms. To complete the job we installed new influent connections to the tank and backfilled inside the existing vault that surrounded the tank.

Sand is used to backfill the area around the oil water separator tank

Sand is loaded into the gaps around the oil water separator tank.

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