Trough Cleaning for Floor Drain System

Trough Cleaning for Floor Drain System


CommTank provided a trough cleaning service at a pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation located in Andover Massachusetts as part of a building operations and maintenance contract.

Work Scope

  • Provided a written Health and Safety Plan, complete a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and conduct a tailgate safety meeting prior to commencing work
  • Provided confined space entry permit per D-129 CFR 1910.146
  • Provided retrieval system, ventilation equipment, supplied air system, communication equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), lighting, safety barriers, ladders, etc.
  • Removed grates from floor drains as needed
  • Pumped all liquids from floor drains
  • Used handheld equipment to remove non-pumpable/pumpable solids
  • Unclogged drains
  • Power-washed floor drain system
  • Replaced floor grates and secured them in place
Cleaned floor drain

The floor drain grate is removed and reveals sludge buildup.

Floor drain sludge removed

Floor drain sludge is removed.

Drain system

The floor drain is clean and ready for use.

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