Tufts University Underground Tank Replacement

Tufts University Underground Tank Replacement

The Tufts University project included the removal of three 10,000-gallon steel underground storage tanks and the installation of two new 10,000-gallon fiberglass double-wall underground tanks at their Central Heating Plant. One of the original three steel tanks had leaked which required soil and water remediation around the plant. Tufts replaced the underground tanks instead of installing aboveground tanks because of concern for aesthetics and conserving parking space. The Central Heating Plant is located next to Dowling Hall which houses the universities departments and offices. The Tufts Central Boiler Plant engineers planned on using the new tanks as backup source of #2 fuel for three boilers that supplied steam to the entire campus.

New Containment Solutions Underground Tank

CommTank partnered with Bond and the JW Flett Company to complete this complex project.  CommTank was tasked with installing two new underground oil tanks manufactured by Containment Solutions. The installations included new double-wall steel fuel oil supply and return lines to the existing boilers and new fill and vent piping on the tanks. Each tank was installed in accordance with Massachusetts regulations 780 CMR and 527 CMR and permitted by the City of Medford.

Commtank also supplied and installed a Preferred Utilities fuel oil transfer pump and a Pneumercator fuel monitoring system. All tank sumps, entry boots, sensors and wiring were installed to Tufts University’s specifications. Upon completion of the tank installation, CommTank crews tested the tank and sensors for tightness and proper operation.

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