Underground Fuel Tank Sump Upgrade

CommTank was hired by the Boston Yacht Club (BYT) to upgrade the transition sump and sensors for the gas and diesel pumps on their docks. Located in Marblehead, Ma, the BYT was founded in 1866 and has 500 members. They have been a client of CommTank’s since 2012.

The BYT owns two double-wall fiberglass tanks for storing gas and diesel. The piping that connects the underground tanks to the dock-based dispenser was outdated and did not have sensors in the main or transition sumps. CommTank crews dug up the old sump and a section of the conduit. The old sump was disconnected and replaced with a new OPW sump. The original piping was reused and sealed with rubber boots. New concrete was poured and leveled to match the existing waterfront access.

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