Sovereign Bank Underground Oil Tank Line Test

CommTank was hired by Thomas G Gallagher, Inc. to test the underground oil tank lines that provided fuel to the boilers at Sovereign Bank in Derry, NH.

Sovereign Bank was having problems with the boiler going out and the fuel pump seemed to be losing its prime. The underground tank that provided oil to the building was located in a parking lot behind the bank and up a hill; so the first step was to install new foot valves. The technician from Thomas G Gallagher, Inc. still could not find a problem and they asked CommTank to test the line for leaks using helium. We started by checking the tanks tightness and worked our way back to the boiler room. The oil lines in two different outside sumps showed no signs of leaking. Next we checked the connections in the boiler room and they showed no leaks but there were signs of an oil line blockage. After applying pressure and clearing the lines the boiler was working once again. 

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