Maclellan Concrete Underground Oil Tank Removal

CommTank provided an underground oil tank removal service for Maclellan Concrete in Wakefield, Ma. The 5,000-gallon No. 2 oil storage tank no longer provided fuel for the heating system that kept the vehicle service garage warm so the owners decided it was time to remove it.

The underground oil tank was located at Maclellan Concrete’s Wakefield Plant. They also have locations in Westford, Lowell, and Amesbury Ma. The service garage on site had switched to an aboveground tank for storing heating oil and no longer needed the large storage capacity of the 5,000-gallon underground oil tank. Oil delivery companies used to give discounts for buying oil in bulk but yearly contracts at fixed rates are now more appealing. The tank was also a single wall tank and did not meet current codes for oil tank piping and monitoring. CommTank crews had to jackhammer concrete up to 14 inches thick before they could excavate the soil above the oil tank. After taking the tank out we worked with Maclellan’s staff to backfill the excavation. The customer owned a front-loading machine and had concrete on site so they were able to reduce the project costs by performing the site restoration themselves. 

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