Peabody Essex Museum

Founded in 1799 by America's first global entrepreneurs, the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem Massachusetts was among the first museums in America to collect works of art and culture from around the world. CommTank was asked to clean a 20,000-gallon underground storage tank at the museum because they were switching from number 4 oil to number 2 oil as their heating fuel source.

CommTank crews pumped the number 4 oil into a holding tank and then purged the remaining fuel vapor from the tank. The tank was vapor tested in accordance with NFPA prior to entering the tank. The inner walls were cleaned and all non-pumpable solids were removed. The crew then performed a visual inspection and photographed the interior of the tank. A new seal was installed on the manway cover and it was mounted on the tank bulkhead. A delivery of number 2 fuel was brought in to refill the tank and the heating system was primed and started. 

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