Greater Marlboro Programs Underground Tank Closure in Place

Greater Marlboro Programs, Inc. (GMPI) provides nurturing homes for adults with a primary diagnosis of mental retardation, allowing residents to develop skills for more independent living. CommTank was asked to remove an underground storage tank from one of the GMPI properties. After evaluating the structural risk to the property we proposed a "tank closure in place" instead.

During our site visit we took measurements of the 1000-gallon underground steel tank and discovered that the tank was located in a very unusual spot. The tank had been installed under the floor of an attached porch and the foundation of the porch was determined to be integral to the main foundation of the building. Removal of this tank would require significant excavation directly under the porch foundation wall and probably into the main building. This process and the removal would likely cause undermining of the foundation wall and damage to the building structure. Instead we recommended that the underground tank be left in place and backfilled with a flowable fill. The customer agreed and work began. The area had to be fenced off for the safety of the adults in the group home. A permit for the closure in place was acquired from the Deputy Chief at the Marlboro Fire Department. The tank was then exposed, cut open, emptied, cleaned and soil samples were taken from the bottom and sides of the tank. After getting clean results from the soil samples, flowable fill was poured into the tank, the area above the tank was restored, and the building access was once again opened for the residents of the home.

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