St Linus Church Underground Tank Tightness Testing

This project provides an overview of our tank tightness testing service. The customer we featured in this project has been a long time client of ours. In this overview we provide a video showing the steps of the tank test, and photos of a monitoring well that we also installed.

The tank we tested at this site is a 2000-gallon fiberglass underground storage tank that provides heating oil to a large church. Lines from the tank supply a boiler in the basement of the church building. Before we can test the tank, the supply and return lines to the boiler need to be disconnected and plugged. By including the lines in the test we can ensure that the entire fuel system is tight and there are no leaks in the tank or fuel lines.

CommTank also installed a monitoring well on site so that the ground water can be checked during each test. The test equipment manufacturer requires a monitoring well and the well also provides visual confirmation that the groundwater under the tank is free of contaminants. This is a service we provide annually for this client and it takes the place of an on-site monitoring device like a Veeder Root TLS350 system.

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