Herb Chambers Lincoln/Volvo UST and Fuel Dispenser Installation

Herb Chambers Lincoln/Volvo UST and Fuel Dispenser Installation

The Herb Chambers Companies, headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts, is the world's 17th largest automotive dealership group according to Automotive News and the largest in New England. Herb Chambers operates 56 retail car dealership locations, representing 31 different brands, and 56 service centers. CommTank was hired by Herb Chambers to install a new 8,000-gallon double wall underground storage tank at Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood on the “The Automile”. The grand opening of this location was June 29, 2016.

CommTank started the project by creating AutoCAD drawings that detailed the new system and submitted an installation plan to the Norwood Fire Department for approval. Crews had to excavate a 30’ long by 14’ wide by 12’ deep area to accommodate the new Xerxes underground tank. Clean groundwater was pumped from the excavation and discharged to storm drains to keep the area dry. Pea gravel was spread in the bottom of the excavation along with six concrete dead-men to anchor the new tank.

New Wayne Dresser dispenser and UST

The Xerxes fiberglass 8,000-gallon tank was installed in the excavation with containment and dispenser sumps. CommTank installed a new Veeder-Root fuel monitoring and leak detection system that was connected to sensors and level probes. We provided and installed new EVR approved fittings for the Stage 1 vapor recovery system and 1.5” UL-approved double-walled flexible pipes. CommTank crews formed and poured a new concrete island with a new Wayne Dresser dispenser and fuel management system. Wayne IX certified technicians connected all terminations, installed the system software and provided customer training.

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