Cement Lining for Underground Storage Tank

Cement Lining for Underground Storage Tank

CommTank provided a repair of a 4,000-gallon concrete underground storage tank (UST) at the East Elementary School in Hingham, Ma. The rubber-lined concrete storage tank is used to capture a mix of chemicals from the biology lab. It was discovered that the rubber liner had developed a tear during a routine pump out of the tank. When the maintenance staff called the manufacturer they discovered that they had gone out of business. After doing research on alternatives, the staff learned about the cement lining process and searched for a tank lining contractor. CommTank was able to provide a liner that restores structural integrity, has low permeability, and comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Hingham Elementary School Manways of UST4,000-gallon concrete underground storage tank located behind the elementary school

Concrete Underground Tank Repair

  • Provide a Confined Space Entry permit and site specific Health and Safety Plan
  • Assist customer with the pump out and removal of solids within UST
  • Use existing man-way on concrete tank
  • Enter and clean the one (1) 4000-gallon concrete tank
  • Plug water lines from building to tank
  • Power-wash internal surface of tank at 5,000 psi
  • Apply a high-strength, fiber reinforced, microsilica enhanced 100% Calcium Aluminate Cement coating

Crew applies lining inside cement underground tankCommTank crew working inside the concrete tank.

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