Budget Gas Station UST and Dispenser Upgrades

Budget Gas Station UST and Dispenser Upgrades

CommTank provided tank equipment upgrades to the underground storage tanks (USTs) at the Budget Gas and Convenience Store in Manchester, NH. The job also included the removal of a 1,000-gallon UST that had stored waste oil, the testing of the fuel lines connected to it, and soil sampling to provide evidence that the storage tank and lines never leaked.

We always present customers with tank choice options, price range details, and applications for technology products that enable them to power anything from a generator to fuel dispensers. Our level of expertise and use of specialized equipment applications fuels our consistent success.

Below is a complete list of steps, equipment and products we use to upgrade underground storage tanks with new dispensers and remove the unused underground waste tank.

Piping Upgrade

  • Installed Fiberglass Piping products and Flex Piping to (4) Gilbarco Gas Dispensers
  • Connected to existing DW fiberglass piping under the concrete drive mat on each side of the building and extended to first outside dispenser pan
  • Extended new APT flexible piping between the two (2) outside dispensers on each side of the building
  • Connected new piping to dispensers inside each dispenser pan (6 dispensers)
  • Provided one experienced and Licensed ICC Tank Installer for new piping and tank removal.
    Disconnected the gas level and installed a new vent line.

Excavation and Tank Removal, Concrete and Backfill

  • Provided the necessary size machinery to saw cut concrete for piping and electrical trenches and concrete for new island form installations and broke/removed concrete pads.
  • Provided machinery to excavate and remove 1,000 gallon waste oil and capped piping.
  • Cleaned and disposed of tank after removal.
  • Provided backfill and concrete for area of removed 1K kerosene tank and piping.
  • Provided Tank Removal Request Form to NH DES 10 days prior to the tank removal
  • Installed new emergency stop push/pull station behind transaction counter
  • Made all electrical connections at the dispensers and in the electrical room (All electrical service panels were provided by others).
  • Pulled CAT 5 Cables from transaction counter for POS equipment.
  • CommTank obtained an electrical power permit from the City of Manchester to install the electrical power upgrades for the fuel system.

Dispenser Installation - Passport Installation

  • Installed Gilbarco gas dispenser. Fuel lines and electrical was connected to each dispenser and started up.
  • Dispenser was purged and calibrated per NH Weights and Measures requirements. Meters were sealed with an approved sealant and a calibration seal was placed on the dispenser fueling position.
  • Installed and started customer provided Passport Combo terminal.
Budget Gas Station with upgraded piping and new fuel dispensers

Budget Gas Station with upgraded piping and new fuel dispensers


  • New fuel lines and new dispenser pans were tested according to the manufacturer recommendations.
  • Existing dispenser pans and STP sumps were included in the testing of equipment.


Paving excluded from this job scope and was provided by others.

Positive Limiting Barrier

PLB modifications were excluded in this job scope.

Fuel System Installation:

  • All major petroleum components were furnished by the owner, including Gilbarco dispensers, Veeder-Root Monitor, Passport Register and electrical service panels (except panel to power dispenser)
  • Utilized all owner supplied material.
  • Provided the machinery to access the vent for the Plus gasoline and tank and convert the Plus tank to diesel by disconnecting the Plus vent from the gasoline manifold.
  • Installed the necessary fittings to isolate the Plus Tank (New Diesel Tank) and pipe to vent stack. (Fuel side piping remained the same) (This portion of the work was subject to approval by DES)

Environmental and Closure Report

CommTank took soil samples during the kerosene tank removal and disposal. CommTank submitted a Closure Report to NH DES for the Tank and Piping with final results of the soil samples. All hazardous waste removed from the Kerosene Tank was placed in approved containers, labeled and left on site for the owner to schedule removal.

Dispenser Pan Installation

  • Installed new dispenser pans for four outside dispensers at new locations.
  • Provided piping entry boots, electrical boots for dispenser pan entry.
  • Inside (next to building) dispenser pans and piping remain.
  • North side of building received 3+1 dispensers on the outside islands. Diesel line was capped inside dispenser pan for future use on 3+0 dispensers.
  • Inside dispensers on both sides of the building received 3+0 Single sided dispensers. An existing dispenser pan, piping and electrical was used for these two dispensers.
  • Provided four new island forms for outside Island dispensers.
  • Provided all fuel piping connections under each new outside island dispenser including Safety valves, anchors and stabilizer bars for product lines. Existing safety valves, stabilizer bars and anchors were used for inside dispensers.


  • Provided a conduit for AC electrical to each new outside dispenser pans. Pulled new wires to each dispenser from building.
  • Provided a conduit for Veeder-Root dispenser pan sensors for each new outside dispenser. Conduit was daisy chained between the two outside dispenser pans. New cable was pulled to each new sensor.
  • Each inside dispense pan had an existing Veeder-Root conduit, cable and sensor. The existing conduit, cable and sensor were reused.
  • Installed new STP relays (Connected to existing STP pumps and wiring), and isolation relays for new dispensers.
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