Herb Chambers Lexus UST Installation

CommTank was hired by Herb Chambers to install a new Xerxes 8,000-gallon fiberglass underground storage tank at their new Hingham location. The project would normally involve the pumping of clean groundwater to allow for soil excavation, but we did this job in January and February, so the ground was frozen.

CommTank removed and disposed of excess clean fill and provided pea gravel to backfill around the tank. Steel reinforced concrete dead-men were used to anchor the new underground storage tank. Water-tight spill containment manholes were installed with secondary containment. Stage II Vapor Recovery was installed with nozzles and coaxial hoses at the gasoline pump. Stage II system captures vapors from the vehicle's fuel tank and routes them to the storage tank during the refueling process.

CommTank crews formed and poured a concrete tank pad that allowed appropriate surface access to the top of the underground storage tank. A Wayne Dresser™ dispenser pump with digital gallon and price display was installed along with two “U” shaped bollards on either side of the dispenser. Fuel management was provided by a Veeder-Root fuel management system inside the building and a Topkat™ fuel management system was installed by CommTank technicians to provide inventory control management.

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