Lundgren Honda Underground Storage Tank and Gas Dispenser Installation

Lundgren Honda required an Underground Storage Tank at their new dealership and chose CommTank to install the tank based on previous work that we had done for them. We were hired to install an 8,000-gallon UL-58 dual-wall fiberglass UST at this location with a gas dispenser, Veeder Root automatic tank gauge, and Topkat™ fuel management system.

In order to get the necessary permits from the Auburn Fire Department we had to create a CAD drawing showing the proposed location, existing underground utilities, and details of the system installation. To prepare the site we excavated an area of approximately 24’ long x 12’ wide x 12’ deep and installed base fill under the tank and piping (pea gravel). We installed steel reinforced dead-men and secured the new tank to them.

Once the tank was installed we mounted the Wayne Dresser™ dispenser pump with Stage II recovery nozzles and coaxial hoses. In order to provide tank monitoring and testing we installed a Veeder-Root fuel management system with fuel level probe, interstitial space sensor, and sump sensors to monitor loss of product. A new Topkat™ fuel management system was installed on top of the dispenser and wired to a computer in the building.

Completed FP290 and a FP289 forms were submitted to the Auburn Fire Department and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) after the installation was finished.

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