School of the Museum of Fine Arts UST Removal

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SFMA) Mission Hill building, located about a quarter mile from the main building, includes studio spaces for Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate students as well as classrooms, workshops, the Writing Center and the Registrar's office. CommTank provided an underground storage tank removal service at this location. The manager of engineering services wanted to convert the heating system to gas and Keyspan recommended CommTank to do the tank removal.

CommTank pulled the permit to remove the tank at the Boston Fire Department and then identified the underground utilities that might be an obstacle through Dig Safe. CommTank crews started the underground tank removal by excavating the soil and asphalt on top of the underground tank. A manway was cut into the tank top so it could be pumped out and checked for explosive gases before it was entered and cleaned. The Boston Fire Department Inspector was present for the underground tank removal so he could inspect the tank and soil around it. After the Fire Inspector declared the underground tank was sound it was transported to a licensed tank yard for recycling. The soil beneath the tank was screened for petroleum contamination and 5 soil samples were taken from the tank grave. The excavation was filled to grade with clean sand and stone and a report was sent to the SMFA of the jobs completion. 

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