Citgo UST System and Dispenser Installation

CommTank was hired to install two underground storage tanks, new piping and dispensers at the Citgo Gas Station in Manchester, NH. We ordered and delivered one dual compartment 12,000-gallon (6K diesel & 6K premium) and one 12,000-gallon UL 58 dual-wall fiberglass UST. CommTank provided and installed an approved base fill under, around, and on top the tank and piping along with eight concrete dead-men to anchor the new USTs. When the tank was set in place, the crews installed three containment tank sumps and two dispenser sumps.

New conduits and wires were run in the trenches. Sensors and level probes were connected to the existing Veeder-Root™ fuel management system inside the building. An audible and visual overfill alarm was installed as part of the leak detection and fuel management system. Five sump sensors, which will monitor loss of product within the underground piping and piping sumps, were connected to the Veeder-Root system. All new spill buckets and sumps were hydrostatically tested.

CommTank’s project manager was present for the final inspection with the NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) and provided the final report with testing results, as-built plans and inspection results.

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