TransWestern Water Tank Restoration

TransWestern, a worldwide real estate management company, contracted with CommTank Inc. to provide repairs for a 250,000 Gallon Fire Protection Water Storage Tank. The tank was located at the Braintree Business Park in Braintree, MA. The original inspection was performed by Simpson Gumpertz & Heger.

The conclusions and recommendations were based on the following scope of work:

  • Perform a site visit to make nondestructive ultrasonic thickness measurements of the tank wall and roof from the exterior.
  • Perform visual observations of the overall condition of the exterior surface of the tank.
  • Analyze the tank wall in accordance with AWWA Standard D-100-11 – Welded Steel Tanks for Water Storage and in accordance with the Massachusetts State Building Code, 8th Edition, to check the capacity of the tank to support the required loads.
  • Write a brief report summarizing the findings and comparing them to those from a previous report.

Based on the condition assessment CommTank performed the following maintenance work:

  • Repair of two actively leaking areas of the shell plate.
  • Replacement of the nonoperational tank monitoring equipment, including the water level indicator, the water level alarm, and the water heater alarm.
  • Clean the interior surface of the shell and roof dome and, if required, strengthen the shell plate.
  • Apply a coating system that conforms to ANSI/INSF 61 for use on the interior of potable water storage tanks. 
  • Install a new ladder at the access hatch to the tank interior
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