Mount Vernon Properties Emergency Spill Response

Mount Vernon Properties Emergency Spill Response

Leaking oil tanks with stain on floor

The property manager of Mount Vernon Properties in Boston contacted CommTank regarding leaking 275-gallon aboveground storage tanks containing No. 2 fuel oil. Four 275-gallon ASTs were located in the basement of the multi-family residence.  In response to this call, CommTank conducted a site visit. Based on the conditions observed, which consisted of oil on the basement floor, size of the stain, etc., CommTank removed the four tanks and installed one temporary tank.  

Negative air machine removes vapors from oil stained basement floor

After receiving complaints of odors from tenants, a soil sample was collected and submitted to a state-certified analytical laboratory.  The analytical laboratory results indicated that the soil sample had extractable petroleum hydrocarbon (EPH) compounds detected in concentrations that exceed MADEP reportable concentrations for S-1 category soil (RCS-1). 

Oil stained concrete has been removed

Based on the analytical laboratory results the property owner contracted CommTank to conduct a Limited Removal Action (LRA) consisting of the excavation, transportation and disposal of up to ten tons of petroleum contaminated soil (PCS). Excavation and stockpiling of PCS into a roll-off container provided by CommTank began after the MADEP was contacted with oral notification of the LRA.

New concrete has been poured

The removal of PCS performed at the Mount Vernon Properties apartment building was completed under the provisions of a LRA. A total of 5.9 tons of oil contaminated soil was excavated and transported under a bill of lading from the Boston apartment building to ESMI for disposal. Following completion of the PCS excavation, post-remedial soil samples were collected from the remaining soil in the excavated area and analyzed for EPH. The analytical laboratory results indicated all contaminant concentrations were below applicable MCP RCS-1 standards.

Four new 275-gallon Granby oil tank installed

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