Somerville High School Emergency Spill Response

Somerville High School Emergency Spill Response

On December 26, 2006 City of Somerville officials requested that CommTank respond to a release of fuel oil in the boiler room at the Somerville High School building. Because of winter break, no teachers or students were in the building. We estimate that 1,000-gallons of oil spilled in the Somerville High School basement.

City employees discovered the spill around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning and the few people working at SHS over the break were evacuated. Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Graney said the site was classified as a Level 2 hazardous materials site, which is for spills between 500 and 700 gallons. Fuel Oil appeared to have been released from a ruptured fuel oil boiler pressurized pump line and migrated along the floor of the building basement. Released fuel oil was found to have entered the sump drainage within the boiler room area. CommTank worked overnight to clear the fuel oil spill by the next morning.

School Superintendent Tony Pierantozzi was on site throughout the day checking on progress of the work. He said he was happy at the pace CommTank was working at and that the building could have been opened the next day if needed. The city was able to reuse the fuel which was being stored in drums and then filtered by CommTank's fuel polishing system. The environmentally friendly way of handling the fuel saved the city money and eliminated further waste disposal costs.  

Oil spill that occurred in the Somerville High School basement

Fuel spill covers the floor of the Somerville High School basement.

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