Limited Subsurface Investigation – Littleton, MA

Limited Subsurface Investigation – Littleton, MA

CommTank provided a limited subsurface investigation at this unoccupied office building in Littleton, Ma. The subsurface investigation consisted of advancing soil borings & collecting, servicing and screening soil samples for the presence of petroleum. CommTank pre-marked all boring locations and contacted Dig Safe to provide utility clearance prior to the work.

Bobcat with AMS Powerprobe advancing a soil sample

Soil Borings

A total of ten soil borings were advanced 15 feet below ground surface or until refusal was met. The soil borings were advanced with a Geoprobe subsoil sampler equipped with 36-inch zero contamination sampling tubes and sealed with vinyl caps to prevent the loss of volatile and semi-volatile contaminants which might be present in the soil. Locations of the soil borings were advanced at the direction of ECMS, Inc.

Collecting water from newly installed monitoring wells

Groundwater Monitoring Wells

Under the direction of ECMS, Inc., some of the soil borings were completed as groundwater monitoring wells. All wells extended above ground level and were placed in protective metal casing. A drawing was provided noting the locations of the soil borings.

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